Payment Processing Services & Solutions

Point of Sale Solutions for Retail, Food & Drink, eCommerce and Business on the Go!

Whether you run a traditional shop or sell online, we at PPC help make running your business easier. Our portfolio of solutions is designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses and be flexible enough for your specific needs.

Clover® Mini

First Data Solutions featuring Clover® Mini – Upgrade my payment terminal

Clover Mini is the sleekest, most flexible payment terminal around. You can start simple and ramp up or get everything you need from the get-go—it’s your call, Clover Mini is ready when you are.

Clover Mini is small, powerful and looks good too. It accepts virtually all payment types and has the ability to scale up to full point-of-sale (POS) functionality. And as you grow, it can too with specialized apps from the Clover App Market.

  • Take all kinds of payments, from magnetic stripe, EMV® chip, standard credit and debit cards to contactless payments, without additional equipment or software.
  • Tap into valuable insights about your customers, what they buy and your business so you can grow your business faster.
  • Run your business on cloud-based software so you can access your information from any device.

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Clover® Mobile

First Data Solutions featuring Clover® Mobile – Take orders & payments on the go

Accept payments anywhere your business takes you with this powerful mobile payments device.

Whether you want to take payments tableside, bust register lines or you’re just generally on the go, Clover Mobile is the payments device for you. And as you grow, specialized apps from the Clover App Market let you do everything from managing inventory and discounts to scheduling employees and tracking tables.

  • Help keep your and your customers’ information safe with built-in fraud protection from the TransArmor Solution.
  • Set up a digital loyalty and rewards program to attract new business and keep customers coming back for more.
  • With Clover Mobile, running your business on the go is never a problem. This high-powered mobile payment device puts everything you need to manage and grow your business in the palm of your hand.

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h2>First Data Solutions featuring Clover® Station – Manage my business on one system

Manage your entire business, from accepting payments to managing employees and tracking inventory, on this one, complete system.

From managing employees and inventory to serving customers and promoting your business, you’ve got a lot going on. Clover Station lightens that load. It’s the complete business management system that will have you up, running and improving your business in no time.

  • Take virtually all kinds of payments, from magnetic stripe, EMV® chip, standard credit and debit cards to contactless payments, straight out of the box.
  • Manage all aspects of your business, from employees to inventory and returns, with advanced software and specialized apps available in the Clover App Market.
  • Set up a digital loyalty and rewards program to drum up new business and keep existing customers coming back.

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Clover® Go

Securely and reliably accept both credit and debit cards – including EMV®chip cards –right from your personal smartphone or tablet.

Clover® Go makes it easier – and safer – to take your business to your customers. Whether at the local farmer’s market or at a customer’s job site, you can accept payments on the go, wherever you have a wifi or cellular connection.

With Clover Go, you can securely and reliably accept both credit and debit cards – including EMV® chip cards –right from your personal smartphone or tablet. And it comes with clear, intuitive reporting on sales activity, along with powerful insights to help your business grow.


  • Ready right out of the box. Just charge, plug in and use with your iOS or Android device.
  • Secure – EMV® chip cards help reduce fraudulent activity, and your transactions are backed with TransArmor® data protection.
  • All you need, at your fingertips with custom tip and tax rates, permissions for employees, transaction history and the ability to email or text receipts.
  • Smart – Clover dashboard features and useful Insighticsdata that helps you see how your business compares to businesses like yours, and manage your business.
  • Flexible – Goes where your business takes you, flexibly accepting both EMV chip and ‘swipe’ card payments.

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Gyft® Business – Gift cards made simple and effortless for everyone

Gift cards

Gift cards made simple and effortless for everyone.From “Happy birthday” to “Thank you,” customers love to give gift cards. And people love to get them. With Gyft Business, you can launch your own mobile gift card program in minutes.

Boost sales.

Bring new faces into your business. Even better, offering gift cards to customers may drive them to spend more than the value of the original gift card in your store.

Engage customers.

Make it easy for customers to get and redeem cards right on their phones. Plus, when it’s this easy to gift and redeem, it’ll drive loyalty and foot traffic.

Reduce fraud.

Replace paper certificates with gift cards and decrease the chances of cards being counterfeit, lost or stolen.

Stand out.

Help your business outshine other local merchants and compete with big-box stores when you offer gift cards.


Payeezy is the dynamic eCommerce solution you need to create a seamless customer experience on your website, giving you an easy way to boost sales online.

PayeezySM eCommerce Solution is the simplest way to grow sales online. By providing everything you need to establish or improve your business’ online presence, Payeezy lets you think bigger.Payeezy is a dynamic eCommerce solution that helps you create a seamless customer experience on your website by offering more payment options, impressive security features and easier integration.

Let customers pay as they please.

  • Accept more payment types than any provider. Customers can pay with any card, PayPal account or electronic checks—all in their native currencies.

Create your online store with Payeezy WebStore.

  • Your business needs a website, but who has the time to learn code or hire a developer? The Payeezy WebStore makes it easy, with a complete solution that gives you a professionally designed online store with a website, shopping cart and hosting all included.

Keep your business safe and your customers safer.

  • Get the latest data protection available to help keep payments, customer information and your bottom line, safe and sound.

Evolve at the speed of eCommerce.

  • From tablets to mobile devices, buying habits are always changing. Payeezy is built to grow with your business, including mobile shopping for your customers.

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Build your own customer loyalty program so you can easily market your business and keep customers coming back.

The Perka® Solution is one of the easiest ways to market your business. It connects you to customers through their mobile phones to draw them back to your business with special offers and rewards they’ll love.

  • Create stronger relationships: Greet customers by name and deliver a fun, personal experience that will keep them coming back. Plus, enroll new customers just by printing receipts, which come with an automatic enrollment code.
  • Connect with customers: Send special offers directly to customers’ mobile phones in real time, so you can create offers on the fly. Respond to slow times, changes in weather or inventory levels to bring customers in anytime you want.
  • Reward sales, not visits: Validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to your best paying customers.


Use industry-leading technology to accept check and ACH payments both in-store through your point-of-sale (POS) and remotely.

TeleCheck® enables you to safely process check and ACH payments in whatever way makes sense for your business. Payments are funded electronically and can be guaranteed against chargeback—all at a cost that is typically lower than card acceptance, and with a higher approval rate.

TeleCheck uses leading risk assessment technology and extensive consumer databases to minimize risk upon payment acceptance. And with multiple options like taking payments from your smartphone, website, or Clover® device, you can find the right coverage for your business.

Increase Sales

  • Offer payment choice.: Allow customers to pay as they please, while improving your cash flow..
  • Lower expenses.: Pay less than you would with cards, eliminate bank fees and create operational efficiencies.
  • Reduce risk.: Lessen chargebacks and significantly reduce fraud losses by shifting the responsibility of bad checks to TeleCheck.
  • Increase security:Protect your customers’ personal information from identity theft every time they pay.